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Inlet Devices
The evenflow inlet device is used to decrease the momentum of the incoming feed stream, allowing removal of any bulk liquids and solids that may be present and to evenly distribute the gas flow over the vessel cross section. The even distribution is necessary in order to minimise any chance of channelling occurring through downstream devices and to maximise gravity separation. Since it does not direct the fluids downwards directly onto the liquid surface, re-entrainment effects are minimised.
Cyclovane is one of some kinds of inlet devices. Inlet devices are an essential part of separators and scrubbers, which are applied in the upstream oil and gas processing industry.
A sample of particle trace separated by the cyclovane

Figure1 shows Schematic of cyclovane inside vessel.
Figure2 shows a prospective figure of what is happening inside the cyclovane and vessel both.
Figure3 shows the sample particle trace of a coarse particle indide a Cyclovane.

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