We  are one of the technology leaders in design and manufacturing of oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery projects, industrial equipment, shipbuilding, offshore and marine structures. Pargasiran Company (Private Joint Stock) was established in 1981. This company has taken advantage of its skill   and  long  experience in order to have   a significant improvement in high-tech projects with high quality, low construction time and on-time delivery (Pargasiran Chart). Main activities of the company can be categorized into four major fields:
  • Research & Development
    Research and development is carried out on modem process developments, new products and appropriate manufacturing technologies. Pargasiran research and development center with 6,000 m2 area in Pardis Technology Park is under construction. ( Rotating Drum Filter and BRKTRU Filter invention registration letters)...
  • Engineering Design
    Engineering design is carried out in various areas of naval architecture, offshore, marine and oil and gas industry, including process equipment and system integrations....
  • Project Management and Supervision
    Project management and supervision views the major developments in software, hardware and widespread distribution of machinery and industrial facilities in Iran and is aimed at the implementation of the domestic potentials to carry out large and turnkey projects successfully
  • ...
  • Manufacturing
    Pargasiran Company enjoys modern facilities in offices and shops, including various computer software, workstations, technical archives and fabrication facilities such as CNC cutting and welding machines, power rotators, 8x6m submerged arch welding column and boom machines, cranes, heavy rollers and plate bending and forming machines, wide range of test and QC tools and complete range of equipment for heat exchanger and other special production...(Quick tour movie- Pargasiran Poem)

  • The range of our activities is as follow:
  • Design and manufacturing of internal parts such as trays,cyclones, demisters, vane packs and evenflows (NISOC approval letter,NIGCENG Approval Letter)
  • Pressure Vessels and Drums and Storage Tanks, Towers and Columns, Reactors
  • Cladded Vessels(Inconel ,Stainless Steel ,Cu_Ni ,Al_Br ,...)
  • Separators, Scrubbers, Slug Catchers, Filter Separators, Filter Coalescers, Filter Housings and Dry Gas Filters
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Double Pipe Heat Exchangers
  • Pig Launcher & Receivers and Signalers and Quick opening closures
  • Mobile Oil Treatment Vehicles (MOT)
  • Oil Dewatering Plants, Gas Dehydration Plants, Oil Desalting Plants, Metering Stations
  • Flare & Stack, Burner, Furnace and Incinerator
  • Gas Mixers, Gas Pre-Heater, Inert Gas Generators, Regenerators, Vacuum System & Ejector
  • Sulfur Recovery Unit, Sulphur Heater
  • Filter Elements(Hydraulic and lube oil filters,oil mist coalescer filters, BRKTRU Filters,BAORCO Assessment,...)
  • Rotating Drum Filters
  • Pre-Fabricated (CKD & SKD), Heavy Steel Structures (CKD, SKD & CBU), Offshore and Marine Structures
  • Ships
The management system of Pargasiran company has been audited and certified by BV and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 29001:2007 quality management system standards accredited by UKAS (QM) .

Pardis Technology Park
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