Project Management
Project management views the major developments in software, hardware and widespread distribution of machinery and industrial facilities in Iran and is aimed at the implementation of the domestic potentials to carry out large and turnkey projects successfully. Some of the activities in this field are as follows:
  • Survey of present situation
  • Information gathering and field surveys
  • Damage estimation
  • Project identification
  • Techno-economical surveys
  • Quantitative surveys and appraisals
  • Cost estimating and scheduling
  • Provision of tender documents
  • Cooperation in the phase of contract negotiations
  • Surveys of construction and manufacturing methodologies
  • Supervision of construction and manufacturing
  • Presentation of report on progress of work
  • Presentation of permit for the payment of statements
  • Cooperation and supervision of necessary tests
  • Consultation on the process of accepting the completed work
  • Presence in technical inspections
  • Supervision of repair work
  • Logistic services of the project
  • Design and arrangement of training programs for the personnel
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