Oil & Gas
Internal Parts
Multi cyclone
Principle of operation
Multi-cyclones scrubbers use centrifugal force to effectively remove solid particles and liquids from a gas .there are no moving parts .The high efficiency ,low pressure drop ,centrifugal separation is attained by using pargasiran proprietary designed Cyclone Tubes. dirty gas enters the Cyclone Tube at two locations (A) creating a cyclonic action . solid and liquids are hurled outwardly and fall from the bottom of the Tube (B) into the reservoir below. The whirling gas reverses direction at the vortex(C).then rises through the annulus where the clean gas exits at the top (D).
    Multi-Cyclone benefits
  • High efficiency liquid and solids removal
  • Handling a wide range of flows
  • Tolerates intermittant flow spikes
  • Maintenance free
  • Fixed or removal cyclone elements

  • Performance Guarantee
  • solids removal efficiencies:
  • 100% of 8 micron size particles and larger
  • 99% of 6 to 8 micron size particles
  • 90% of 4 to 6 micron size particles
  • 85% of 2 to 4 micron size particles

  • liquid removal efficiencies:
  • outlet gas will contain less than 0.10 gallon of entrained liquid per million standard cubic feet of gas passed through the separator
  • 100% of all droplets 8 microns in diameter & larger

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