Research and Development
Research and development is carried out on modern process developments, new products and appropriate manufacturing technologies.
Many of the projects started in Pargasiran needed a thorough feasibility study and R&D. For this purpose, a strong division was established which handles this part of the projects. Some of our activities in this field are as follows:
  • Technological R&D, Engineering design and production of a pilot plant for Sulphur granulating system.
  • Investigating usage of domestic timber in cooling towers of power stations and laminated structures
  • Investigation in use of various suitable resins and glues for construction of laminated wood cooling tower elements
  • R&D of technology and mass production of filter elements for petroleum and gas industries
  • R&D of technology, design, engineering and manufacturing of electrical shocker for caviar fish
  • Feasibility and production studies on general cargo ships
  • Oceanographic investigation of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant
  • Design of engineering software systems to develop ship lines, expand shell, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis and full stochastic simulation of the sea states
  • Analytical coastal system analysis and computer simulation
  • Study and modeling of fluent discharges in the coastal waters
  • Pollution and environmental analysis
  • Design of marine and hydrodynamic labs, wave makers
  • Vibration and earthquake studies
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