Filter Elements

One of the major problems in gas supplying pipeline is formation of cluster or a big mass of particle in the pipe line especially during the cold seasons. When the amount of clusters raised in the gas pipe line the gas supplying system is disturbed. So that this unwanted particles should be filtered from the gas stream.
In the ordinary filters these big particles rapidly fill the surface layers of filter and as a result of this filter are lost its performance and should be changed meanwhile the inner layers remains intact. Furthermore the pressure drop is occurred very soon and filters must be changed in a short period of time so that it is not lucrative and also it is take a lot of manual labor. As the ordinary and classic filters were incapable and inappropriate for such filtration the innovation of a new filter was of the essence. Our patented filter is called BRKTRU, that is a combination of polymer fibers with glass fibers.

Brktru Filter

1. poroelastic layer separates cluster particles and lead them to the inner layers.
2. fiberglass structure absorbs more particles in the border between layers.

Ordinary Filter

1.Small particles formed cluster and block outer layers and shelf life decreased.
2.Fiber glass layer with continuous structure prevent the movement of particles to the Schematic mechanism of solid particles separation in poroelastic layer.

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