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Pargasiran provides specialized cladding and weld overlay services for vessels, dished heads and associated components.This company has designed and constructed high quality cladding machines for this purpose and is one of the few companies who have the ability and technology for design and construction of multi-layer high accuracy cladded vessels.
Increasingly aggressive operating environments are placing challenging demands on process equipment performance, particularly in the area of corrosion resistance. Pargasiran has responded to these process design conditions and developed weld-cladding processes that provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to the corrosion needs of all process equipment packages and associated piping components. Innovative technology from pargasiran provides a weld overlay process that meets all ASME and international standards and customer project requirements. The system also satisfies all quality and technical requirements without an adverse effect on cost. Pargasiran weld procedures and welders are fully qualified in accordance with the ASME customer specifications. Pargasiran is able to meet the required iron dilution limits and chemistry in accordance with applicable international standards codes and customer specific requirements. Meeting these stringent requirements guarantees the quality,integrity and performance of the Pargasiran process.

Comprehensive range of weld cladding
  • Electroslag strip cladding up to 60mm wide
  • Automated MIG & SAW welding
  • Manual TIG & MIG welding
  • Individual capacity up to 80 tons
  • Lager components available on request
  • Typical base material thickness, 6mm to 100mm

Cladding Alloys
    Stainless Steels
  • 316ss
  • 309ss
  • 304ss
Nickel Alloys
  • 625
  • 825
  • C-22
  • C-275

  • Pressure vessel shells
  • Dished heads
  • Vessel components:Nozzles, Forgings
  • Associated piping components:Pipes,
    Fittings, Flanges, valves
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