Drum Filter
Necessity of using drum filter in refineries, power plants and petrochemicals industries For effective maintenance of cooling towers in refineries, power plants and petrochemicals industries continues separation and removal of unwanted solid particles from the system is of the essence. With utilizing a drum filter which is installed in the way of outlet water of a cooling tower system these harmful solid particles are separated and removed from the system.
With such removal the sedimentation process of solid particles and formation of scales are prevented especially in the heat exchangers, pumps and valves. These solid particles are wearing the impeller of pumps and can cause corrosion problems in the other parts of cooling tower which lead to equipment failure and serious damages to the system. Also, in such system continuous maintenance and replacement will be necessary to provide the desired capacity and overall efficiency. Thus removal of such harmful material from the system has benefits and makes the maintenance more lucrative. Benefits:
  • Cost-effective solids removal system
  • Continuous filtering even during backwashing with no interruption in flow.
  • Reducing water turbidity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Atomatic backwash
  • After-seals services
  • Algae separation ability
  • Under normal working conditions mesh seldom needs to be changed.

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