Filter Elements
Fiberglass Filters
The PARGASIRAN Fiberglass Elements are specifically designed to give fine filtration, high solid contaminant retention and efficient coalescing of liquid mists and fogs that can be mechanically removed from a gas stream.The seamless fiberglass tubes are specifically designed as filtration/coalescing tubes. They are manufactured utilizing high density graded fiberglass and are of single piece construction to eliminate splitting and by-passing. Available in various dimensions and micron ranges, the PARGASIRAN Fiberglass Elements are used in wet and/or dry gas applications. Standard flow direction is outside-to-inside.
  • Operational Data
    • Recommended Initial ΔP : --------------------------------- 2 psid
    • Recommended Element Change ΔP : -----------------12-14 psid
    • Core Strength : ------------------ 3.5" O.D. elements - 120 psid
      4.5" O.D. elements - 50 psid
      (145 psid also available) 5.5" O.D. elements - 35 psid
    • Maximum Operating Temp:-------------------------------240oF
    • Recommend torque to seal filters:-----------------------8-10ft-lb
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