Filter Elements
lUBE Oil Filters
For the first time in Iran Pargasiran Co. successfully designed and manufactured Hydrolic and Lube oil filters which are similar to the products of the other well-known companies like Pall, Hydac, Indufil , Boll and comparable with them.
Pargasiran Co. has this ability to design and manufacture different micron sizes and lengths of these filters. According to their application, there are three different types of filters:
1- Filters with low-pressure application.....(100-300 Psi)
2- Filters with medium - pressure application.....(1000-1500 Psi)
3- Filters with high-pressure application.....(3000-6000 Psi)
A good maintenance of hydraulic and lube oil system is critical for well performance of pumps and valves in a running installation. For this purpose, Pargasiran Co. with using new technology of fiberglass in this filter not only has improved the maintenance of pumps and valves but also made it lucrative.
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