Oil & Gas
Quick Opening Closure
New Technology Tested To High Pressure
The pargasiran quick opening closure has been fully tested under extreme high pressure for its performance.

Design fabrication features
Pargasiran quick opening closures are fabricated from ASTM A-105N or 350-LF2 and forgings or ASTM A-516-70 plate.For special applications, pargasiran closures can be furnished in alloy materials, as well as weld overlayed.The pargasiran closure is also available in MS Ratings, or may be custom designed under ASME VIII, Div.1, appendix 24, Div 2, or other applicable construction code authority. Quick opening closures are manufactured from ring rolled forgings that permit lager closure designs and are not limited to standard diameters.Closures can be designed for the customer's exact operating requirements, rather than using the(often considerably heavier than required) ANSI series.

Ansys Finite Element Method Non-Linear Analysis
All pargasiran closures are computer designed.Special closures are analyzed using the latest ANSYS finite element package.
Pargasiran quick opening closures have no blind flanges, a welcome benefit when frequent access to vessels is required. Quick opening closures provide both a practical and an economical solution for a variety of applications.
  • Blowdowns
  • Scrapper and pig traps
  • Access opening on scrubbers, filters, strainers, etc.
  • Chemical reactors
  • Pressure vessels
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Autoclave doors
  • Manways Vessels
  • Meter provers
  • Terminal Manifolds
  • Storage tanks

One person with standard wrenches can open and close the largest Pargasiran quick opening closure. Opening is as simple as venting pressure, checking the pressure warning device, removing safety bolts and turning drawbolts to disengage the two piece yoke, the head then swings open easily. A trolley system which bears the weight of the yoke, assures the same quick, convenient operation on larger closures.

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