Filter Elements
Depth Varied Filters
DV filters are made of polyethylene,polypropylene and nylon fibers. The elements have an absolute rated downstream section, and a continuously varied pore size upstream section,which increases service life many-fold. The fibers in DV filters are for practical purposes continuous. The fibers are bonded by intertwining during the manufacturing process. As a result, DV filters show no media migration.
  • Benefits
    • Excellent removal efficiency
    • Continuously varied pore structure
    • High contaminant holding capacity
    • Low extractable
    • Available in many removal ratings and configurations
    • Long service life

The material of construction of DV filters permit application
in a very wide range of liquids and gases.
The DV filter has numerous applications in a broad range of industries that include chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint, resin, coating, food, beverage and cosmetic industries.

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