Oil & Gas
Internal Parts
Pargasiran co. has long experience in design and manufacturing of various types of internal parts for separators, scrubbers, columns, mist eliminators and etc. Our objective is to make the process more efficient and less expensive. Flow distribution is critical in all gas / liquid and liquid / liquid separation processes. As vessel sizes are reduced, or more capacity is required from existing equipment, traditional rules for the layout of vessel internals must be reviewed. Flow velocities through inlet nozzles, outlet nozzles, internals and over liquid levels can affect the separation performance. A tool used by Pargasiran to investigate this is Computational Fluid Dynamics, which provides an accurate representation of the flow profiles inside a separator.

With CFD, custom vessels are developed on the computer at a small fraction and cost of physical experiments. Rapid experimentation fostered rapid advances in separator design. Results include advanced, proprietary, ultra compact designs for all gasses and flowing conditions. Our products in this field are as follow:
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